Getting Fresh with Candle Making

Posted on: 26 December 2017

Fire has long held humans in its thrall, and nothing sets a mood like candles. From earthy beeswax candles to hauntingly beautiful sculpted creations, the warmth and aroma of home made candles makes a memorable contribution to any special day and a unique gift for family and friends.

Candle making can be a deeply personal experience and candle making suppliers are striving to keep up with the demand for customisable candle making. Today's candle making ingredients include coloured and natural waxes and gels based in beeswax, soy, rice flour and shea butter, moulds in many shapes, and fragrant oils in a dazzling array of scents, from floral to spicey, medicinal to truly exotic (imagine frankincense, 'monkey farts' or lemon pound cake!).

Candle making is an opportunity to let your personality shine. Health conscious artisans opt for plant based materials and wicks primed with vegetable wax, while those set to sparkle add pearlescent powders and flakes of gold or copper leaf.

If you think you've seen and done it all when it comes to candle making, forget it! With the right candle making supplies you can create extraordinary and truly unforgettable candles. Try these fresh ideas for inspiration:

  • Carved candles - from intricately carved works of art to simple cutaway designs, carved candles are made with dedicated sculpting tools, casting evocative shadows when lit.

  • Figurative candles - representing identifiable figures such as people, plants and animals, figurative candles are generally made by pouring hot wax into a mould.

  • Embedded candles - employing sculptures emerging from the candle's top or wholly hidden beneath the surface, embedded candles burn to reveal sculptures of metal or clay.

  • Embellished candles - using three dimensional wax pens, the outside of the candle can be decorated to add interest, colour and texture.

  • Layered candles - created by pouring layers of wax into a mould and allowing each layer to cool between pours, layered candles employ shifts in colour and texture from subtle to wildly contrasting.

  • Rolled candles - using sheets of soft wax, such as beeswax, rolled candles offer an easy entry into the world of candle making that even small children can enjoy.

  • Whimsical candles - try pouring candles into unusual objects, forming wax words, or even creating unusual shapes such as sushi!

Whether you aim to relax or sharpen the senses, conjure up serenity, playfulness, or sensuality, with the right candle making supplies and a dash of creativity you'll be making candles that reflect your own personal style in no time.